Podcast Radio Arrangement on a Sunday

sunday in my head is the crystaline and precise breakdown of an overall inquisitive exploration going on within many people around me. its about femalehood and,

in the context of your arrival at anatums it feels as if its the perfect timing to talk about the current moves and stretches of organised sisterhood with active figures coming round for a chat 

for sunday afternoon, in my head falls into place to invite the following two,

for an interview and discussion, a recording,

a live and on the spot contextualisation 

four female initiators are meeting over tea in an independent project space in london limehouse in 2015

in real sphere reality a fifth had joined : Phillida Cheetham, who links Florence and Anastasia,

herself an active initiator of group experiments

and Florence wrote :

female hood florence to anastasia

Florence Uniacke hosts a series of readings about menstruation : http://threadsbook.org/threads/ that she records
and wants to record more with us.

Conny Prantera has recently launched her first MOON ROSE, a female only improv orchester and choir,

an off spring of her and mark wagner’s mixed gender improv ritual occasion MOON RA
girls at home 2
how do these girls’ initiatives contribute to the formation of sisterhood, how club upkeep produces both seperatist’ and unifying sensations among both genders, how female only particularities are entering the mainstream knowledge and why there is a need for this, how the diy is enabling grassroot formations that help to explore and share knowledge, how these actions define our times
lovers industrialis
 > it happens that organised sisterhood is a tool of our time
and sunday is a day where four initiators within that come to anatums

our new resident berglind is currently doing online podcasts from here
the debate could be a nice first exploration  <

sunday’s exploration is online NOW

Sex as Idea as Idea – EVENT, Wednesday, 29 July

sex_as_idea_as_ideaMy wife is an artist, and I’m an artist, and we had a quarrel about the fact that I was more, eh, exposed to the public than she was. And she went to the bedroom, and I went after her, and she went out the window.


A program of readings, film screenings, discussion & performance questioning the ways in which women in the art world continue to occupy a position of exploitation, invisibility and objectification.


We aspire to critically engage from positions of subversion, provocation, revenge, aggression, transgression and formation. In other words, we wish to claim expressive territories not intended for HER and use these territories to denaturalise HIS superior position.



Madeleine Stack & Bjørk Grue Lidin
Lewis G. Burton
Andie Macario
Ama J. Budge
Natalie Galpern
Andrea Williamson
Prudence Chamberlain
James Tailor
Amri Llorrac

Curated by Madeleine Stack and Bjørk Grue Lidin


At Anatum’s Abode, 613 Commercial road, E14 7NT

Wednesday, 29 July

Dreams in Action II

Image by http://jd-doria.com/

Image by http://jd-doria.com/

After a successful first workshop we kindly invite you to: Dream in Action II

A process to submerge into the world of your dreams/fantasys through Active Imagination

Diving into the subconscious realm in waking life. Tapping into the creative realm for

performance acting dance voice drawing writing improvisation

Bring a dream/daydream you would like to work with.

come in comfortable clothes.

this workshop is aimed at unlocking the undercurrent of personal yet parallel realities

looking to introduce its findings into creative practice

Monday, 4 May, 7pm.

at Anatum’s Abode

Please RVSP via email: anatumsabode@gmail.com

Fee: donations.

Facilitated by Lee Fükke

Dreams in Action



Techniques for dream interpretation and dream integration for

performance acting dance voice drawing writing improvisation

Bring a recent dream you had, written down in detail

come in comfortable clothes

we will explore the dream content through active imagination

this workshop is aimed at unlocking the undercurrent of personal yet parallel realities

looking to introduce its findings into creative practice

Monday, 13 April, 7pm.

Please RVSP via email: anatumsabode@gmail.com

Fee: donations.

Facilitated by Lee Fükke

Pyramidoracle – London Solo Show | 6th March

pyramid oracle


Anatum’s Abode is proud to announce the exhibition of Pyramid Oracle.

During a two-week long residency the artist has brought to life objects, paintings and installations.

Working in the site specific realm of the space.

Join us for the opening, to embrace the manifested creative impulse.

6 pm. 6th March. 613 Commercial road, E14 7NT

Pillars of Creation | 26th February


A night of immersive interaction between each other, sharing time and space. The evening will begin with a meal. Please bring text you would like to share – be it a poem, a tale or news – for us to entertain each other over the food we shall intake.

Subtle experiences of food stories will compliment the evening in forms of edible sculptures.

A mutual ritual for letting go and manifestation of intention will spark the fires in our bodies, minds and hearts.

Leading up to a dance towards transcendence that will lead us through the night, propelled by soundscapes of transformation.

And all the potential for the spontaneous to be created.

Come dear friends, join us for this evening. To celebrate life and that we are.

26th February, 7 pm, at Anatum’s Abode.

Sexuality in dystopian movies – lecture | 24th February

TUE 24th 7.30pm-9.00pm

This lecture with audiovisual excerpts from movies is based on my thesis “Dystopian systems in Japanese anime.” Also it is part of my research for an exhibition which will be executed in Kutná Hora, Czech Republic, in May 2015 and which deals with interconnections between sexuality and ideology.

Throughout the lecture we explore how the state or other political institutions in dystopias might influence one’s sexuality and sexual behavior and how sexuality might be used as an ideological tool. If you come you are going to listen about such pieces as Brave New World, 1984, THX 1138, Handmaid’s Tale, Children of Men, We and others.

You are more than welcome!


The Tube – OPEN CALL & workshop | 21st and 22nd February

Sun 22nd FEB 3pm-7pm

11 lines.
270 stations.
1.265 billions passengers/year

The workshop at SUN 22nd takes place inside of the Tube and its goal is to offer new perception of how to think about the (London) Underground. Participants will do few simple exercises and after that spend some time inside of the Tube’s Zone 1. There will be an important rule: Once you enter the Tube you are not allowed to leave.
What new observations it brings, what the Tube phenomenon actually is about, does it serve to the citizens or no … ? Let’s make the Tube to be our playground!

Workshop is lead by performance artist Antonín Brinda, current resident in Anatum’s Abode. It will be based on his previous research done in Prague, Czech Republic, as well as on his actual explorations in Abode.

There is no fee but you will need a ticket for the Tube. Meeting point is Anatum’s Abode from where participants will continue via Limehouse DLR into the Zone.

You are more than welcomed!

Sat 21 st FEB, 5am – 12pm

There also is a possibility of getting into more tougher version of the workshop at SAT 21st. Antonín is going to spent the whole day (from opening till closing) inside of the Tube and other London public transport system. The same experiment was already executed in Prague. During the day several small performance pieces were created and presented inside of the Prague underground.

If there are some long duration performance artists or other crazy people who would like to join (even if for shorter period of time), please write to “a.brinda@seznam.cz” There is a a lot of possibilities how this research could happen, depends just on the communication between us!


Haitian Voodoo Ritual Dance workshop | 14th March

voodoo_ritualAnatum’s Abode is pleased to announce a whole day workshop exploring the world of Voodoo Ritual dance. Led by Zsuzsa Parrag.

We will embark on a journey of physical and metaphysical opening in movement. Through vibrance of sound and rhythm that enables a deeper connection to a mystical tradition as well as an aesthetic. We will also be introduced into the context of Voodoo ritual dance, symbols, some elements of its history and tradition;

Zsuzsa has been teaching dance for over 20 years. She has studied Haitian dance for over 10 years at the leading dance schools in Port-au-Prince. One of her most influential teachers is Florencia Pierre, a dancer and vodou priestess who accepted Zsuzsa as a private student and initiated her into the ritual origins of the dances. Florencia teaches that you can only get to the essence of the dances when you abandon pure technique and understand the spiritual function of the dances in vodou. In response to this realisation, Zsuzsa has undertaken extensive Haitian travel and research into the vodou religion in the context of dance.

Haitian dance is a beautiful, ecstatic and intense Caribbean dance form. There are many different types and styles of Haitian dance, each with its own particular significance, reflecting certain Vodou rituals.

For this workshop Zsusza will teach 4 dances that focus on liberation: Yanvalou, Ibo, Petwo and Banda. Yanvalou has a meditative and harmonious character that takes the form of flowing snakelike movements that imitate flowing water. Yanvalou is associated with various spirits within the Vodou tradition such as Erzuli Freda, the Goddess of Love, and Damballa, the cosmic snake. Ibo is a very dynamic liberation dance with lots of jumping movements. The heartbeat of Ibo is its upper chest bounces and strong, cutting arm movements, which symbolise breaking chains, representing freedom.

Petwo is the dance of revolution; it has immense energy, impressive ecstatic body movements and lightning quick steps.

And finally Banda is the dance of Gèdé. The Gèdé family combines the strangest figures of the Haitian spirit world. Due to its emphasized pelvic movements and provocative gestures the Gèdé has a very high entertainment value, both for the dancers and for the audience. You will definitely leave this workshop in a great mood.


The workshop will take place on 14th March at Anatum’s Abode, 613 Commercial road, E14 7NT. 12pm to 6pm with a lunch break in between.

Contribution: 30 pounds, 25 pounds concession.

Lunch included.

Please register and buy tickets beforehand by following this link!