set out : 4 minute track | heard once +4 times

seated with 2-3 other participants for this duration

grooves and moves from the pelvis upwards


photo 2

track by Paris Suit Yourself from the upcoming LP called chick planet massage

creative direction Luvinsky Atché

video observation and concept Anastasia Freygang

at Anatums Abode, Limehouse



Podcast Radio Arrangement on a Sunday

sunday in my head is the crystaline and precise breakdown of an overall inquisitive exploration going on within many people around me. its about femalehood and,

in the context of your arrival at anatums it feels as if its the perfect timing to talk about the current moves and stretches of organised sisterhood with active figures coming round for a chat 

for sunday afternoon, in my head falls into place to invite the following two,

for an interview and discussion, a recording,

a live and on the spot contextualisation 

four female initiators are meeting over tea in an independent project space in london limehouse in 2015

in real sphere reality a fifth had joined : Phillida Cheetham, who links Florence and Anastasia,

herself an active initiator of group experiments

and Florence wrote :

female hood florence to anastasia

Florence Uniacke hosts a series of readings about menstruation : that she records
and wants to record more with us.

Conny Prantera has recently launched her first MOON ROSE, a female only improv orchester and choir,

an off spring of her and mark wagner’s mixed gender improv ritual occasion MOON RA
girls at home 2
how do these girls’ initiatives contribute to the formation of sisterhood, how club upkeep produces both seperatist’ and unifying sensations among both genders, how female only particularities are entering the mainstream knowledge and why there is a need for this, how the diy is enabling grassroot formations that help to explore and share knowledge, how these actions define our times
lovers industrialis
 > it happens that organised sisterhood is a tool of our time
and sunday is a day where four initiators within that come to anatums

our new resident berglind is currently doing online podcasts from here
the debate could be a nice first exploration  <

sunday’s exploration is online NOW

NEW RESIDENCY : Vytautas Tinteris

The Film maker and Artist from Lithuania arrived at Anatum’s yesterday and will be working in the Emporium to share out his sound performance possibly titled : “Schizophrenia and 50 conflicting personalities inside of me” within the next two weeks. ATTENTION ! We might ask to contribute to his research by inviting you over during the development stage- dates and occasions will be announced here soon !


Previous experiments by Vytautas Tinteris include a documentary on a 24 hour self test on the grounds of a supermarket open 24/7 365days a year :




sirus fountain pyramid oracle show

show and time sirus fountain DSCF3261

Anatums lend its Abode for the development of work by the U.S streetartist Sirus Fountain
2 weeks into the process the show opened like a shrine would open up for visitors
people came and stayed, absorbing works that went beyond the visual but provided a setting to engage with the content matter, the place of their creation and the person whos care and vision brought all of this to reality, a reality spent for the next 72 hours
Anatums reluctancy to exhibit murials lead to the artist ex-tracting surfaces that inspired him.
– our rooftop,our secret and guilty skip and the neighbouring environment bore the now remodelled treasures. Sheets of metal and woods of all variations, chipped colours from decades and recent history Sirus deployed them as backdrops for his paintings and came to produce one three dimensional tableaux after the other.
while each is crafted from found material and fitted carefully into the space the content matter of each drawing points to the universal questions and faiths. faces of struggle and lines indicating the rawness of life and its roughness were formulised in bold strokes. they looked at us from the walls :
2 to 3 perspectives of a face in one. six eyes. 3 mouths and angles for the appearance of psychological depth. when asked who these people were Sirus said its travellers and homeless people. the hommage to those he met is hung along angels and figurative sculptures, arranged as if to protect us and them.

walking through the narrow corridors and turning left once more, crossing the garden, past the sauna into the yard before the emporium- the atmosphere was described like being in a church. a hall of greatness. green colours greeted below the black sky, seated on the concrete floor some simply remained : looking, listening, allowing time to pass out there.
the emporium was lit in reds and oranges, strikingly marking the passage. car lights shone through the sitetex wall and allowed the centerpiece to hold attention- now eyes were looking up and eyes were looking straight at you.

in the garden Lee Fükke’s piece kept glowing. once these forms were holding fire, reload wood ! burning away in the night, marking an important assembly point these volumpteaus shapes of metal wiring provide warmth and light.
the sizzeling formed an acoustic backdrop for mondane talk : as a longterm witness reported ! Beatrix Blaise was in the sauna at the time the fire burned. her body painted on by Sirus boasted eyes in striking white, her skin wore a silky faketan – call it bronze.  she moved and froze to stillness surrounded by her installation : rusty metal on white hung in the sauna. Having embarked on a longdurational performance she felt like being the creep in the background, as she mused afterwards. people talked and stood and sat around the fire, the creep moved at times but mostly remained still. with painted eyes on places, she was breathing the night in its own right, pointing out presence in the performance’ subtlety.

the following days people returned, photos were taken. then Sirus work was taken down and moved. for once a street artist’s work could move.
and one frame remained. it is beautiful without the wheat pastings, its a three dimensional object assembled from different parts and its missing nothing. it speaks Sirus, who by now has started buidling a house out of wood on Anatum’s rooftop. And when you come inside the gallery the glass front hosts his scratching, leaving a shadow migrating with the sun.

sirus impr 3

ab in Anatum’s FINAL post


In my two week residency I achieved what I wanted to achieve – I did intensive ten days (or nine better to say, because one day I took a break) research in an Anatum’s Abode and the city of London. My interest in the research was to feel, to understand, to explore specific site (so we might call it „site-specific research“) – the London megalopolis. Important part of that work was also one day (18 hours) durational performance/observation in the London’s Tube/Overground/DLR system.

I prepared a workshop which unfortunately didn’t happen because of the lack of participants but was replaced by its variation done in two people next day.

I participated on two collective events in Anatum’s and in that occasions I executed two performance pieces. Performances were adapted for the specifities of the evenings itself – first one spoke about the history and present of the Anatum’s Abode, second concentrated on the extension of human communication possibilities.

And finally I presented a lecture „Sexuality in dystopian movies.“ The way it happened, the number of pleased listeners, consequential discussion and created atmosphere was maybe the biggest surprise and biggest satisfaction in terms of my residency.

Below you find some photos with which I am saying goodbye. I would like to warmly thank for the possibility given to me and highly recommend the residency for any other possible applicants.

Thank you.

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