Haitian Voodoo Ritual Dance workshop | 14th March

voodoo_ritualAnatum’s Abode is pleased to announce a whole day workshop exploring the world of Voodoo Ritual dance. Led by Zsuzsa Parrag.

We will embark on a journey of physical and metaphysical opening in movement. Through vibrance of sound and rhythm that enables a deeper connection to a mystical tradition as well as an aesthetic. We will also be introduced into the context of Voodoo ritual dance, symbols, some elements of its history and tradition;

Zsuzsa has been teaching dance for over 20 years. She has studied Haitian dance for over 10 years at the leading dance schools in Port-au-Prince. One of her most influential teachers is Florencia Pierre, a dancer and vodou priestess who accepted Zsuzsa as a private student and initiated her into the ritual origins of the dances. Florencia teaches that you can only get to the essence of the dances when you abandon pure technique and understand the spiritual function of the dances in vodou. In response to this realisation, Zsuzsa has undertaken extensive Haitian travel and research into the vodou religion in the context of dance.

Haitian dance is a beautiful, ecstatic and intense Caribbean dance form. There are many different types and styles of Haitian dance, each with its own particular significance, reflecting certain Vodou rituals.

For this workshop Zsusza will teach 4 dances that focus on liberation: Yanvalou, Ibo, Petwo and Banda. Yanvalou has a meditative and harmonious character that takes the form of flowing snakelike movements that imitate flowing water. Yanvalou is associated with various spirits within the Vodou tradition such as Erzuli Freda, the Goddess of Love, and Damballa, the cosmic snake. Ibo is a very dynamic liberation dance with lots of jumping movements. The heartbeat of Ibo is its upper chest bounces and strong, cutting arm movements, which symbolise breaking chains, representing freedom.

Petwo is the dance of revolution; it has immense energy, impressive ecstatic body movements and lightning quick steps.

And finally Banda is the dance of Gèdé. The Gèdé family combines the strangest figures of the Haitian spirit world. Due to its emphasized pelvic movements and provocative gestures the Gèdé has a very high entertainment value, both for the dancers and for the audience. You will definitely leave this workshop in a great mood.


The workshop will take place on 14th March at Anatum’s Abode, 613 Commercial road, E14 7NT. 12pm to 6pm with a lunch break in between.

Contribution: 30 pounds, 25 pounds concession.

Lunch included.

Please register and buy tickets beforehand by following this link!


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Friday 16th

8 pm -00 at Anatums Abode

touch and self perception rules over sight
and sound is on the forefront of influence
hosting your moves, breath and time
durational performance up to 6hours, with diy do it yourself instruments, micro – bio – synthesizers
deep listening and capturing audiences impulses, signal & wave composition
will be screening videos, using smoke machines, and flickering lights
at Anatums Abode, 613 commercial rd, e14 7nt
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