Open Call

this is why

open call :

to keep the opportunity alive
and to allow the premises to be available to an even wider range of creatives
we have established a rotational structure

opportunities for :
rehearsal/ training
organise regular workshops in one of anatums spaces

temple care, gardening, sauna baths

retreat to investigate topic

organisers and curators, collectives and individual artists are encouraged
to come forward to propose ideas/ needs/ hopes for a fixed timeframe
in which potentially lodging is possible

we offer a
2 week residency for collectives and individuals looking for an interesting site to develop a project

in this time you are staying with us for free of charge

studio space/ rehearsal spaces for the time being are alocated to suit your projects needs

as an artist in resident you are sharing your work in progress online and invite others to join here for a presentation of the work/ idea developed during the residency

residents are also good ghosts who help run anatums

we expect that care is taken in maintenance and etiquette of co habitation of course. its a communal thing

no egocentrics please

if you are interested write us

About the space :
Anatum choose a short stretch of shops
somewhat of a labyrinth stretching from the front, into the backyards
– over the garden into another former shop the emporium
the indoor project spaces consist of two shops and an entirely tiled salon( former butchers)
there is a kitchen annexed to it – the shower is located in the first outdoor yard. for artists in residence and workshop participants staying over for a period of time there is a separate room in the back and on the roof toptheatre, performances, rehearsals,workshops, shoots, lectures, gatherings
and sound based concerts can be held here

no parties, especially no raves- thats how things get messy

due to the nature of an occupied and diy space : presence, respect and awareness are key

anatums is not profit orientated but reserves the right in the interest of everybody
to keep afloat with the needs of the upkeep of the space

the artists in residency are asked for a contribution of 1 gbp per day

to get involved and for more information please contact


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