jtt/day 13

Yesterday was pretty busy int he isolation tank. It doesn’t sound like much but having 3 participants come in for an hour or more each adds up since each session takes preparation and conclusion time. I have a lot of video editing to do in order to assemble the interviews into something and finish the work of the residency but except for that, all of the project information can be found here: http://justintylertate.weebly.com/sensdep.html

It was great being on residency at Anatum’s for 2 weeks.

Justin Tyler Tate with the isolation tank installation at Anatum's.

Justin Tyler Tate with the isolation tank installation at Anatum’s.

JTT/day 12

Yesterday was the first day of public sessions in the Isolation Tank. Three individuals had immersive and unique experiences in the tank for time periods of 35 minutes up to 1 hour and emerged from the tank with states of mind ranging between excitement and horror.

Go spelunking inside yourself in the isolation tank.

Go spelunking inside yourself in the isolation tank.

JTT/day 11

Yesterday I got the isolation tank working and tried it out for myself.
In it, after I loose myself, I start to see moving lights…rather they’re a representation of lights since actually there is no light present in the tank. The lights come and go, like simple animations. My own breathing is the most dominant sound.
I’ll post more regular updates on the project here: https://www.facebook.com/JustinTylerTate

 There is currently a participant in the tank.

There is currently a participant in the tank.

JTT/day 10

Yesterday was spent working out heating methods for the Isolation Tank water. I tried electrical and also a wood burning stove that I’ve put together while being here. both worked to a certain degree but not as much as I would like. It could be because I started with cold water in both situations and the water did begin to warm but it was very slow and on such a large portion of water, as in the isolation tank I’m not sure they’ll be effective. Today I have to make it work and test it out though.

Tomorrow will be the first day of participants to use the tank.

Using a hacked clothes iron to heat water in an aluminium pipe with the hopes of creating convection and warming water.

Using a hacked clothes iron to heat an aluminium pipe with the hopes of creating convection and warming water through the pipe.


Anatum’s is inviting you to a multidisciplinary live showcase of 3 international artists

sound, performance and drawing acts in one evening at our Abodesunday, the 1st of february at 7 pm

sliding scale donation for our artists is encouraged
drawing performance along field recordings informed by the theme of transportationby AMIT, recent arrival from israelas an illustrator and sound artist taking over human skin and walls of da city

he is joining us to be expanding onto large scale paper suspended in space sharing his intuitive mono-coloured formulations in real timeADRIAN SCHULL aka ‘HELMUT’ from Berlin, in concert

expect live sound of signals working their way from guitar pick ups and mic through the loop of da pedal

combined with tribal poly rhythms http://helmut.bandcamp.com/

his harmonic use of voice-layering and a delicate touch of distortion and noise forms his contribution that night

PIOTR BOCKOWSKI, video/body performer who lived 2012-2014 around HongKong and had developed his haunted act ‘Phantom Limbs’http://neofung.info/phantomlimbs to which he takes refference at Anatums, inspired by its location
he is calling the ghosts of original London Chinatown & phantasms of Limehouse opium dens.the XXI century Chinese ritual of paper electronics burning will be simulated by trance-like performance & video projection on the body.At the end of the show the audience will be invited for a half a mile walk to a XIX century location of an opium den

donations at the door

phantom limbs

After the Residency. Michael Harding

What happened, what did I learn, what will I do next?

I got the residency on Christmas Day when I sent Anatum a text message saying “yes sounds interesting” – this appeals to me because of a concern about the effects of rendering my ‘practice’ into constant application forms, a concern which I am making a musical about, called Removal Men. When I met up with her for the interview, I said I would use the fortnight to interview people and turn the result into lyrics, which I would then perform for an audience.

The residency had some beautiful qualities – the option to train in brutal Systema methods, the sauna which gets the fire-brigade over when it’s lit, the greasy dildo which had multiple applications, not least supporting the projector during the final presentation I gave on Thursday night, in the old meat freezing room next to the kitchen (did you know Anatum’s was a butcher once?)

Lyrics. Lyric poetry focuses on the first person, on the experiences of the I in an emotional storm. In the Removal Men, the security officer Moses has his I gouged out by various workshop leaders, and sings of his transformation over live house music. What I needed to find was how lyrics can work over house music – not rap or song lyrics, but words in rhythms of speaking so the audience understand what is going on. I ended up researching methods of melodic talking.

Because some people had been to hospital or were feeling shaky I ended up doing some interviews off-site; because they weren’t ready for an audience I saved some of the lyrics for later; and I gave a talk rather than a performance. The talk was about how tick-box forms fail to document what happens in detention centres; how poetry does capture reality but doesn’t make sense without hard work; how to escape from the limitations of two-handed plays and also some recordings of lyrical improvisations I recorded with Nick Owen and his drum machine.

Thank you Anatum for being so warm, so open – it felt so rustic in the kitchen with the peeling walls, the jam jar cups, the garden; a pastoral escape just off the A13. It’s important that the work I’m doing has its roots in a culture of defiance, and what I found at Anatum’s was defiance as an act of love.

Michael Harding


Yesterday was spent preparing a wood-burning stove which ideally will serve as a heater for the isolation tank. I tried testing it outside, I needed to burn of the paint on the gas cylinder also, but the fire got so hot that I ended up melting my plumbing. Oh well, I’ll try again today…

Kickin' tires and lightin' fires.

Kickin’ tires and lightin’ fires.

…And Action

The films are now all taking place in action and will be right till the end of the residency.






A poem left behind by one of the participants:

“A lion wound up in a lab

whose pin pricks bore into a stab

His moaning soul drowned to a sound

Once fierce but now an aching howl

Before times lashed him to the ground

With pride he’d roam and prowl

Survive, provide and hide the scowl.

All stoic hunters shall fall fold

When evolution falls behind

The haunting instincts in their minds. “



Schedule an appointment with Justin Tyler Tate, on the 28th and 29th of January, at Anatum’s Abode for an intimate experience of art and sensory isolation. The installation will allow viewers to pardon themselves from the confines of gravity, light and sound so that only their mind is left as a tool of perception. The artist presents a situation and ritual to induce the subject to receive the art experience as that which happens inside the isolation tank. Through the confines of the installation, the viewer is removed from observing scale, material and therefor being absolved in the perceptual certainty of time and space.


Participants agree to enter the isolation tank nude or wearing a bathing suit, to be filmed/photographed at any point during their experience (except when enclosed in the tank) and interviewed afterwards. Please email Justin Tyler Tate at anatumsabode@gmail.com with your preferred date (28th or 29th), the duration you would like to spend in the tank (45min – 2hours) as well as your preferred starting time (scheduling will happen between the hours of 9am and 8pm).