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In my two week residency I achieved what I wanted to achieve – I did intensive ten days (or nine better to say, because one day I took a break) research in an Anatum’s Abode and the city of London. My interest in the research was to feel, to understand, to explore specific site (so we might call it „site-specific research“) – the London megalopolis. Important part of that work was also one day (18 hours) durational performance/observation in the London’s Tube/Overground/DLR system.

I prepared a workshop which unfortunately didn’t happen because of the lack of participants but was replaced by its variation done in two people next day.

I participated on two collective events in Anatum’s and in that occasions I executed two performance pieces. Performances were adapted for the specifities of the evenings itself – first one spoke about the history and present of the Anatum’s Abode, second concentrated on the extension of human communication possibilities.

And finally I presented a lecture „Sexuality in dystopian movies.“ The way it happened, the number of pleased listeners, consequential discussion and created atmosphere was maybe the biggest surprise and biggest satisfaction in terms of my residency.

Below you find some photos with which I am saying goodbye. I would like to warmly thank for the possibility given to me and highly recommend the residency for any other possible applicants.

Thank you.

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ab in Anatum’s day 12

DAY 12

Sexuality in dystopian movies, Tuesday’s lecture, was a surprising success. Contrary to the Sunday’s workshop which didn’t happen, for the talk about twenty people came! I was naturally nervous to speak in English, which I really don’t know perfectly, in front of mostly unknown people. But the audience was kind to me, almost no technical problems occured (which are always killers even of the best lectures).
We went through Louis Althusser and his article „Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses“, term „dystopia“ and watched exerpts from movies such as Nineteen-Eighty Four, THX 1138, The Handmaid’s Tale, Brave New World, Logan’s Run and as a cherry on a pie Demolition Man.
Presentation from the lecture is publicly accessible here

As I was writing in my previous post since DAY 11 I finished my first, „psychogeography“ phase of the residency. Preparation and presentation of the lecture began the second. The informations gathered for the lecture will be used for my final school work „Dystopic Systems in Japanese Anime“ as well as for the exhibition on sexuality and ideology I will have from May 2015 in GASK, Kutná Hora, Czech Republic. 

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Sexuality in dystopian movies – lecture | 24th February

TUE 24th 7.30pm-9.00pm

This lecture with audiovisual excerpts from movies is based on my thesis “Dystopian systems in Japanese anime.” Also it is part of my research for an exhibition which will be executed in Kutná Hora, Czech Republic, in May 2015 and which deals with interconnections between sexuality and ideology.

Throughout the lecture we explore how the state or other political institutions in dystopias might influence one’s sexuality and sexual behavior and how sexuality might be used as an ideological tool. If you come you are going to listen about such pieces as Brave New World, 1984, THX 1138, Handmaid’s Tale, Children of Men, We and others.

You are more than welcome!


Residency by Antonín Brinda


.my name is Antonín Brinda.

.i am a new resident in an Anatum’s Abode.

.during my stay here.

.i am going to present a lecture about “Sexuality in dystopic systems – with accent on films.” by this i connect two of my interests. sexuality and dystopic systems. there will be video exctracts, so it will not be boring.

.i am going to have a workshop based on my previous experiences as well as on a new research i do here during next days. most probably it will happen inside of the Tube/DLR/Overground system or similarly crazy public space.

.i am going to perform here, at least two times – at 14th and 26th Feb together with other artists.

.my interests are golf, performance art and body art, horse riding, installations, nudity, invisibleness, art theory and cross-word puzzles. you can verify truthfulness of that statement on this webpage: http://teatr-anton.cz/ .

.sincerely yours.



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