Dreams in Action II

Image by http://jd-doria.com/

Image by http://jd-doria.com/

After a successful first workshop we kindly invite you to: Dream in Action II

A process to submerge into the world of your dreams/fantasys through Active Imagination

Diving into the subconscious realm in waking life. Tapping into the creative realm for

performance acting dance voice drawing writing improvisation

Bring a dream/daydream you would like to work with.

come in comfortable clothes.

this workshop is aimed at unlocking the undercurrent of personal yet parallel realities

looking to introduce its findings into creative practice

Monday, 4 May, 7pm.

at Anatum’s Abode

Please RVSP via email: anatumsabode@gmail.com

Fee: donations.

Facilitated by Lee Fükke