Anatum’s Abode is an independent project space which fosters current streams of thought and action.

bringing attention to artistic practices that influence the way people engage with each other to:

learn, project, absorb and to gain voice


limehouse, east london

the 2 former derelict shops facing commercial road, their garden and stage in the back,
the roofless yards and roof terrasses are occupied hosting grounds operating under the premise of

‘using the given’

in the last two years everything was refurbished and extended in an ongoing quest
upon the site specific and served for all kinds of personal, creative and social explorations

since december 2014 the structure of running the place is undergoing a change

key factor is the uncertain time frame of its future existence and the ongoing legal battle
that requires occupation at all times.
it is legal to squat commercial buildings in the uk, but instead of using it as a comfortable home
these places can be an answer to the scarcity of affordable projectspaces in london,

see open call


for location rental and private gatherings as well as shoots and anything produced for oneself as opposed to produced inclusively from here in limehouse contact : anatumsabode@gmail.com

anatums is not profit orientated

reserves the right in the interest of everybody to keep afloat with the needs of the upkeep of the space

this place was completely delirict and we have spent a lot of time and energy turning it around, it is in a good condition now. it allows for freedom beyond basics although living is still improvised . the focus of the abode of anatum is sharing out processes. being a testing ground for modes of current streams of thought and action. immediate and urban. local as well as international.

bringing attention to artistic practices that influence the way people engage with each other

here we learn, project, absorb and gain voice

for what we did here so far go on to fb to events then past

we occasionally live stream here

to get involved and for more information please contact anatumsabode@gmail.com

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