Dreams in Action II

Image by http://jd-doria.com/

Image by http://jd-doria.com/

After a successful first workshop we kindly invite you to: Dream in Action II

A process to submerge into the world of your dreams/fantasys through Active Imagination

Diving into the subconscious realm in waking life. Tapping into the creative realm for

performance acting dance voice drawing writing improvisation

Bring a dream/daydream you would like to work with.

come in comfortable clothes.

this workshop is aimed at unlocking the undercurrent of personal yet parallel realities

looking to introduce its findings into creative practice

Monday, 4 May, 7pm.

at Anatum’s Abode

Please RVSP via email: anatumsabode@gmail.com

Fee: donations.

Facilitated by Lee Fükke

Dreams in Action



Techniques for dream interpretation and dream integration for

performance acting dance voice drawing writing improvisation

Bring a recent dream you had, written down in detail

come in comfortable clothes

we will explore the dream content through active imagination

this workshop is aimed at unlocking the undercurrent of personal yet parallel realities

looking to introduce its findings into creative practice

Monday, 13 April, 7pm.

Please RVSP via email: anatumsabode@gmail.com

Fee: donations.

Facilitated by Lee Fükke

ab in Anatum’s day 10 & 11

DAY 10

That day I was recovering from the previous whole day Tube experience and preparing afternoons workshop. Unfortunately (and actually quite unsurprisingly as well) no participants appeared.

It was understandable for me because I was offering a four hours workshop in a Sunday afternoon when most of the people have time but on the other hand they also want to rest. When writing a proposal for the event I did my best and was ready to present quite interesting experience, I think. On the other hand I don’t know almost anyone in London so maybe the invitation didn’t came to the right people.
But what can one do, right? 🙂

Below you can see that I was ready – empty space as well as the sweets and tea were anticipating people impatiently.

IMG_7503 IMG_7506

DAY 11

The compensation came another day. Lee and I decided not to forget the Tube research so easily. We entered the Bank station an for approximately an hour we were practising systema, Russian martial art technique in which Lee is skilled a bit and is also able to hand over that knowledge (thank you Lee!).

So we were „punching“ each other, liying on each other, rolling on the ground and so on. One of the goals of my potential workshop was achieved – the Tube became ours playground.

People in the Tube are encouraged to „report anything unusual“ but apparently what we did was still quite usual because nobody – even the Tube employees – was interested in what we do.

By this 11th day I finished the most important and biggest part of my work in Anatum’s Abode. In the 11 days I was exploring possible approaches of how to understand the London megalopolis, I was taking pictures and writing notes about that research. I planned the workshop as one of the results of the work but it is not so importnat that the workshop didn’t happen. The Anatum’s Abode gave me unique, long enough possibility to work on the theme very close to me. I don’t regret that there is no final performance or exhibition (I presented continuously my research on the web and I aloso did one performance, had a lecture (see my next post) and am going to have another performance in Thursday so I deffinitely leave some traces behind in Anatum’s).

It is difficult to sum up what I realized when exploring the Anatum’s Abode in the first days and later on when walking, cycling, busing and tubing the City. I would say that it is important to use all of the differnet approaches how to get familiar with the city. Only one is deffinitely not enough because than you’re missing something.
But the most important thing I found is that observing a city is not enough. Minimally as much important if not more is to meet a people living there. Without a people any city would be – partially – just empty, scary, boring space.

I hope this research of mine will continue in my master program in theatre I’m about to begin next year in the Theatre Faculty of AMU, Prague, Czech Republic. It is nice to know that there is already some work done from which I can build my next research.

report anything

The Tube – OPEN CALL & workshop | 21st and 22nd February

Sun 22nd FEB 3pm-7pm

11 lines.
270 stations.
1.265 billions passengers/year

The workshop at SUN 22nd takes place inside of the Tube and its goal is to offer new perception of how to think about the (London) Underground. Participants will do few simple exercises and after that spend some time inside of the Tube’s Zone 1. There will be an important rule: Once you enter the Tube you are not allowed to leave.
What new observations it brings, what the Tube phenomenon actually is about, does it serve to the citizens or no … ? Let’s make the Tube to be our playground!

Workshop is lead by performance artist Antonín Brinda, current resident in Anatum’s Abode. It will be based on his previous research done in Prague, Czech Republic, as well as on his actual explorations in Abode.

There is no fee but you will need a ticket for the Tube. Meeting point is Anatum’s Abode from where participants will continue via Limehouse DLR into the Zone.

You are more than welcomed!

Sat 21 st FEB, 5am – 12pm

There also is a possibility of getting into more tougher version of the workshop at SAT 21st. Antonín is going to spent the whole day (from opening till closing) inside of the Tube and other London public transport system. The same experiment was already executed in Prague. During the day several small performance pieces were created and presented inside of the Prague underground.

If there are some long duration performance artists or other crazy people who would like to join (even if for shorter period of time), please write to “a.brinda@seznam.cz” There is a a lot of possibilities how this research could happen, depends just on the communication between us!


Haitian Voodoo Ritual Dance workshop | 14th March

voodoo_ritualAnatum’s Abode is pleased to announce a whole day workshop exploring the world of Voodoo Ritual dance. Led by Zsuzsa Parrag.

We will embark on a journey of physical and metaphysical opening in movement. Through vibrance of sound and rhythm that enables a deeper connection to a mystical tradition as well as an aesthetic. We will also be introduced into the context of Voodoo ritual dance, symbols, some elements of its history and tradition;

Zsuzsa has been teaching dance for over 20 years. She has studied Haitian dance for over 10 years at the leading dance schools in Port-au-Prince. One of her most influential teachers is Florencia Pierre, a dancer and vodou priestess who accepted Zsuzsa as a private student and initiated her into the ritual origins of the dances. Florencia teaches that you can only get to the essence of the dances when you abandon pure technique and understand the spiritual function of the dances in vodou. In response to this realisation, Zsuzsa has undertaken extensive Haitian travel and research into the vodou religion in the context of dance.

Haitian dance is a beautiful, ecstatic and intense Caribbean dance form. There are many different types and styles of Haitian dance, each with its own particular significance, reflecting certain Vodou rituals.

For this workshop Zsusza will teach 4 dances that focus on liberation: Yanvalou, Ibo, Petwo and Banda. Yanvalou has a meditative and harmonious character that takes the form of flowing snakelike movements that imitate flowing water. Yanvalou is associated with various spirits within the Vodou tradition such as Erzuli Freda, the Goddess of Love, and Damballa, the cosmic snake. Ibo is a very dynamic liberation dance with lots of jumping movements. The heartbeat of Ibo is its upper chest bounces and strong, cutting arm movements, which symbolise breaking chains, representing freedom.

Petwo is the dance of revolution; it has immense energy, impressive ecstatic body movements and lightning quick steps.

And finally Banda is the dance of Gèdé. The Gèdé family combines the strangest figures of the Haitian spirit world. Due to its emphasized pelvic movements and provocative gestures the Gèdé has a very high entertainment value, both for the dancers and for the audience. You will definitely leave this workshop in a great mood.


The workshop will take place on 14th March at Anatum’s Abode, 613 Commercial road, E14 7NT. 12pm to 6pm with a lunch break in between.

Contribution: 30 pounds, 25 pounds concession.

Lunch included.

Please register and buy tickets beforehand by following this link!

Residency by Antonín Brinda


.my name is Antonín Brinda.

.i am a new resident in an Anatum’s Abode.

.during my stay here.

.i am going to present a lecture about “Sexuality in dystopic systems – with accent on films.” by this i connect two of my interests. sexuality and dystopic systems. there will be video exctracts, so it will not be boring.

.i am going to have a workshop based on my previous experiences as well as on a new research i do here during next days. most probably it will happen inside of the Tube/DLR/Overground system or similarly crazy public space.

.i am going to perform here, at least two times – at 14th and 26th Feb together with other artists.

.my interests are golf, performance art and body art, horse riding, installations, nudity, invisibleness, art theory and cross-word puzzles. you can verify truthfulness of that statement on this webpage: http://teatr-anton.cz/ .

.sincerely yours.



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