ab at Anatum’s day 4 & 5


Second day of walking.
That day I continued on walking research adding a rule of landmarks. I established certain point in a city (as a skyscraper for instance) towards which I walked and once I reached the point I choose another one. Reaching points were choosen randomly not due to its height. By that I sometimes get a little bit lost because some of the points were not high enough (=
> not visible enough).
By that I visited random places and explored even the spaces where otherwise I wouldn’t go.
Again I was fighting with problem of private zones but other results was quite satisfactory. It was possible to go for something, to some exact direction and yet there was a moment of unpredictable and unknown.
In a way I become – and in my research I’m trying to be –
a flaneur „the man of leisure, the idler, the urban explorer, the connoisseur of the street.“ But in more exactly defined way – in my „flaneurism“ there is a specific method behind.

IMG_7291 IMG_7295 IMG_7296 IMG_7297



Today I moved into cycling which get my city research in a way easier in a way more difficult.
I changed myself in some strange form of cyborg – half a man half a machine. My speed ability raised (but it was also possible to lower it again) and because of that I was able to act either as a human, either as a car.

Most of the time I acted as a car. So I was following the roads assigned for a cars and had to increase my awareness (due to the security reasons). The whole exploration became more dynamic and faster. So instead of enjoying each smell or noise I was attacked by different and frequently uneasily distinguisable impulses. I was passing through the pure Futuristic experience.

Among others I was working in a city center and was fighting with traffic jam. On the other hand there was a pleasure of long free rides in different localities.

When I dismounted a bike and walked for a while the perception changed completely. Used-to-be cyborg body changed into casual one and I felt like a disabled person.

When cycling the perception of a city as a physical entity remained and was more complex but less detailed.

Sexuality in dystopian movies – lecture | 24th February

TUE 24th 7.30pm-9.00pm

This lecture with audiovisual excerpts from movies is based on my thesis “Dystopian systems in Japanese anime.” Also it is part of my research for an exhibition which will be executed in Kutná Hora, Czech Republic, in May 2015 and which deals with interconnections between sexuality and ideology.

Throughout the lecture we explore how the state or other political institutions in dystopias might influence one’s sexuality and sexual behavior and how sexuality might be used as an ideological tool. If you come you are going to listen about such pieces as Brave New World, 1984, THX 1138, Handmaid’s Tale, Children of Men, We and others.

You are more than welcome!


The Tube – OPEN CALL & workshop | 21st and 22nd February

Sun 22nd FEB 3pm-7pm

11 lines.
270 stations.
1.265 billions passengers/year

The workshop at SUN 22nd takes place inside of the Tube and its goal is to offer new perception of how to think about the (London) Underground. Participants will do few simple exercises and after that spend some time inside of the Tube’s Zone 1. There will be an important rule: Once you enter the Tube you are not allowed to leave.
What new observations it brings, what the Tube phenomenon actually is about, does it serve to the citizens or no … ? Let’s make the Tube to be our playground!

Workshop is lead by performance artist Antonín Brinda, current resident in Anatum’s Abode. It will be based on his previous research done in Prague, Czech Republic, as well as on his actual explorations in Abode.

There is no fee but you will need a ticket for the Tube. Meeting point is Anatum’s Abode from where participants will continue via Limehouse DLR into the Zone.

You are more than welcomed!

Sat 21 st FEB, 5am – 12pm

There also is a possibility of getting into more tougher version of the workshop at SAT 21st. Antonín is going to spent the whole day (from opening till closing) inside of the Tube and other London public transport system. The same experiment was already executed in Prague. During the day several small performance pieces were created and presented inside of the Prague underground.

If there are some long duration performance artists or other crazy people who would like to join (even if for shorter period of time), please write to “a.brinda@seznam.cz” There is a a lot of possibilities how this research could happen, depends just on the communication between us!