Residency by Antonín Brinda


.my name is Antonín Brinda.

.i am a new resident in an Anatum’s Abode.

.during my stay here.

.i am going to present a lecture about “Sexuality in dystopic systems – with accent on films.” by this i connect two of my interests. sexuality and dystopic systems. there will be video exctracts, so it will not be boring.

.i am going to have a workshop based on my previous experiences as well as on a new research i do here during next days. most probably it will happen inside of the Tube/DLR/Overground system or similarly crazy public space.

.i am going to perform here, at least two times – at 14th and 26th Feb together with other artists.

.my interests are golf, performance art and body art, horse riding, installations, nudity, invisibleness, art theory and cross-word puzzles. you can verify truthfulness of that statement on this webpage: .

.sincerely yours.



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