NEW RESIDENCY : Vytautas Tinteris

The Film maker and Artist from Lithuania arrived at Anatum’s yesterday and will be working in the Emporium to share out his sound performance possibly titled : “Schizophrenia and 50 conflicting personalities inside of me” within the next two weeks. ATTENTION ! We might ask to contribute to his research by inviting you over during the development stage- dates and occasions will be announced here soon !


Previous experiments by Vytautas Tinteris include a documentary on a 24 hour self test on the grounds of a supermarket open 24/7 365days a year :





Rituals of rhythm

Rituals of rhythm is collaborative meditation of music through an intuitive sound performance, the space is cleansed for two weeks before inviting the audience to witness the final improvised performance.
Involving a combination of surround rhythmic variations with music excerpts and noise percussion from elemental sounds, the experimental performance will allow all involved to enter altered states of consciousness through the resonance of sound.
Residents Maxwell Reynish, Sound Artist, and Lani Roncillo, Sound Healer, will live and work in the space to create and discover primitive, post-shamanic sounds, using an eclectic selection of their personal instruments.
“The way you change and help music is by trying to invent new ways to play”
Miles Davis