NEW RESIDENCY : Vytautas Tinteris

The Film maker and Artist from Lithuania arrived at Anatum’s yesterday and will be working in the Emporium to share out his sound performance possibly titled : “Schizophrenia and 50 conflicting personalities inside of me” within the next two weeks. ATTENTION ! We might ask to contribute to his research by inviting you over during the development stage- dates and occasions will be announced here soon !


Previous experiments by Vytautas Tinteris include a documentary on a 24 hour self test on the grounds of a supermarket open 24/7 365days a year :





aura pearl first fog anatums

Friday 16th

8 pm -00 at Anatums Abode

touch and self perception rules over sight
and sound is on the forefront of influence
hosting your moves, breath and time
durational performance up to 6hours, with diy do it yourself instruments, micro – bio – synthesizers
deep listening and capturing audiences impulses, signal & wave composition
will be screening videos, using smoke machines, and flickering lights
at Anatums Abode, 613 commercial rd, e14 7nt
Dlr Limehouse