set out : 4 minute track | heard once +4 times

seated with 2-3 other participants for this duration

grooves and moves from the pelvis upwards


photo 2

track by Paris Suit Yourself from the upcoming LP called chick planet massage

creative direction Luvinsky Atché

video observation and concept Anastasia Freygang

at Anatums Abode, Limehouse




jac 1 copy


The idea for the performance draws its elements from self observation. To embody different levels of maturity the artist is deploying movement and voice. Drawing out a time-line consisting of beats intuitively produced by Tania Soubry. The performance aims at representing the mannerism and changes in capacities throughout the passages of ones life.

In this performance about human development and soul searching Time is a continuous happening while Action is decisively placed.  The consciousness to make out this framework derived from active self observation noting subconscious physical and mental moves and challenging them

The public showcase of the findings has no final stance but allows the artist to underline her relation towards the holistic and all encompassing idea of body and soul, working and sharing her progress. The performance can be seen like an ongoing exploration facing an audience – hopefully inspiring others to look at themselves and the manifestations won throughout time.

Jac Auora is collaborating with Tania Soubry after answering an Open Call from Anatums Abode website. The trained dancer and performance artist is particularly interested in the relation between, music, song, sound, voice, rhythm, movement, dance, performance and the body. Within this she is interested in the movement of our consciousness, perceptions and reflections, a verbal , thinking, political, soulful, spiritual and environmental voice.

these two improvised together