ab in Anatum’s day 8


If it is possible to name bus travel as a „backround for thoughts“, we might call underground as „a space for meditation“. In a way that a passenger is so de-attached from the real world, from the „real city“ that one might start slightly loose sense for the reality. Or to perceive it in some differnet mode.
Under the ground there is different world, different rules works there.

I have a big mission in front of me – I am going to spend the whole day from the opening hours till closing in the Tube/Overground/DLR tomorrow – so I rather won’t continue with explanations of my todays explorations and go sleep to have enough strenght. And anyway after tomorrows exploration I will be able to bring much richer informations. …

There is just one small thought which I would like to share now – and that is the question of a documentation. I was thinking if I should take my camera to the metro tomorrow or no and after meeting this huge meat alien with whom I shared a Tube today I decided that I have to take a camera for sure.