ab in Anatum’s day 13 & 14

DAY 13 & 14

These two days were devoted to preparations of „a night of immersive interaction between each other, sharing time and space.“ There were food sculptures designated specially for each person, meal together, concentration, wishes offered to the fire sculpture, ritual dance and singing and so on. It happened to be a nice meeting of people.

I participated with a simple „performance“ – I decided not to speak during the evening and rather try to communicate with others through body language or if necessary by writing. As a sign of my speaking incapability I put a purple lipstick on my lips by which I emphasized that incapable area.

Experiment worked quite nicely, created different atmosphere between me and other people. For me it was nice occasion to shut up for a while and to listen more (which is something we all need quite often). Pantomime, touching and writing happened to be my main communicative tools. Maybe might be even more interesting next time not to use the writing as well. On the other hand the writing brought various funny situation – like when I excluded me and my writing partner from the general social situation and established kind of conspiracy between us or when I won one pantomime round by writing guessed word faster than others were saying it.

Beautiful was to use vocal chords not for word producing, but for singing or creating of sounds / shrieking. So the moments of collective singing meant great relief and liberation for me – now I was able to communicate with others in a same way as they did and the connection between us was deeper than usual.

I started to speak again at midnight, after five hours. At the very first moment it was nice to speak again, but I missed my silence as well. Silence might be a miracle.

Below you find my written communication attempts and some „afterpictures.“ Not just random parties but even the „spiritual“ ones ends similarly…

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ab in Anatum’s day 8


If it is possible to name bus travel as a „backround for thoughts“, we might call underground as „a space for meditation“. In a way that a passenger is so de-attached from the real world, from the „real city“ that one might start slightly loose sense for the reality. Or to perceive it in some differnet mode.
Under the ground there is different world, different rules works there.

I have a big mission in front of me – I am going to spend the whole day from the opening hours till closing in the Tube/Overground/DLR tomorrow – so I rather won’t continue with explanations of my todays explorations and go sleep to have enough strenght. And anyway after tomorrows exploration I will be able to bring much richer informations. …

There is just one small thought which I would like to share now – and that is the question of a documentation. I was thinking if I should take my camera to the metro tomorrow or no and after meeting this huge meat alien with whom I shared a Tube today I decided that I have to take a camera for sure.