the boat and some parts ANATUMS FRIDAY – Radio_mix_kassette

field recording – we took a boat trip with captain Anastasia and Florence and Maxwell . i also meet a lovly dog. and we chilled with sounds..

field recording – Anatums friday
part of performances of following
Artist in Residence Vytautas Tinteri showcasing Video and Sound work
along a live Performance – created during his stay here at Anatums
part of sounds from video work Jan-mars Old Town dj. by Anastasia Freygang
Jade Wilford poetry performance
Maxwell Reynish playing drums

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my first week at Anatums Abode

silent party beauty flowers yummy food girl polkadots eyes laughter taxi farmers house rules good food sharing showering sleeping adventure wild hair horses boat trip dancing cold warm nature happy dog sharing showering caring home musik experiments

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Womanhood- London series at Anatum’s Abode – radio_mix_kassette

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Florence Uniacke hosts a series of readings about menstruation : that she records
and wants to record more with us.

Conny Prantera has recently launched her first MOON ROSE, a female only improv orchester and choir, an off spring of her and mark wagner’s mixed gender improv ritual occasion MOON RA

Anastasia Freygang – host of anatum´s abode and artist –

Berglind Ágústsdóttir-

Radio_mix_kassette  and