Crazy trashy London

An intensive music performance by Vytautas Tinteris is ready by friday and here is short trailer for that:

After exploring London and drifting around for two weeks, I realized that it’s crazy fast-paced environment makes people unaware of themselves and people around them. You become nameless and nobody really cares about you. I felt a bit like a ghost while shooting in different locations around London because everybody was afraid to look to each other.. even if I was openly holding a camera towards them, they would just ignore me. It seems that public space is just a way to get through from point A to point B.  Any kind of emotional life on the streets moved into slogans and logos above – shops named feelings, eternity, indulgence, joy, inspire, etc. Only south London seemed to be a little bit more alive and vibrant. Central London seems to be a place where only the ones who step indoors are welcome. I saw just lonely people walking outdoors. Though every place welcomes people who have money. Anyway, I am going to reflect my thoughts in spoken word performance on friday evening.