jac aurora Residency _ introduction

„Weight Shifting“

Short introduction; i am a multidisciplinary artist and performer, i compose music, play voice, write poetry, do performance and workshops, produce pictures and design in different ways, one of my aspirations is to learn a variety of singing technique from all around the world, and be able with precision to produced the sound of my imagination.

I will be in residence at Anatum’s abode for two weeks.
This residence is about the performance „Weight Shifting“ which itself attempt to demonstrate somehow the relation between Body and Soul (subtle body/human consciousness…) and as a part of how we weight ourself on one another.

i will be researching on the body movement (for example, what i think i am capable of doing, but actually am not yet or at all physically able to do) and will practice yoga and experiment with the limit of my body and see if and how i can push them, i will also be researching on the different aspects of the soul ( i use the word soul which embody a lot of different aspect of human personality but i suppose i most likely mean the mind/consciousness, but somehow i would like to include a part of holiness in this notion, so ill research more to see which therm fit best to what i mean) by meditating, doing repetitive action which will occasion daydreaming , reading a lot of documentation .
I will Fast for several day, go into mutism, and observe with focus this relation.

The performance itself will be mostly improvised, this choice here is to represent how i see life through this relation, in the sense that you can/may plan things and hope for them to happen the way you want them, but you can never be sure that the end result will be what you expected.

As for representing time in its own meaning and rhythm, i would like to invite a percussionist, someone very aware and melodious (we would need to rehearse once to see if your sound work with mine :)) so if you are out there dear percussionist contact us Please.

With much love
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