ab in Anatum’s FINAL post


In my two week residency I achieved what I wanted to achieve – I did intensive ten days (or nine better to say, because one day I took a break) research in an Anatum’s Abode and the city of London. My interest in the research was to feel, to understand, to explore specific site (so we might call it „site-specific research“) – the London megalopolis. Important part of that work was also one day (18 hours) durational performance/observation in the London’s Tube/Overground/DLR system.

I prepared a workshop which unfortunately didn’t happen because of the lack of participants but was replaced by its variation done in two people next day.

I participated on two collective events in Anatum’s and in that occasions I executed two performance pieces. Performances were adapted for the specifities of the evenings itself – first one spoke about the history and present of the Anatum’s Abode, second concentrated on the extension of human communication possibilities.

And finally I presented a lecture „Sexuality in dystopian movies.“ The way it happened, the number of pleased listeners, consequential discussion and created atmosphere was maybe the biggest surprise and biggest satisfaction in terms of my residency.

Below you find some photos with which I am saying goodbye. I would like to warmly thank for the possibility given to me and highly recommend the residency for any other possible applicants.

Thank you.

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Schedule an appointment with Justin Tyler Tate, on the 28th and 29th of January, at Anatum’s Abode for an intimate experience of art and sensory isolation. The installation will allow viewers to pardon themselves from the confines of gravity, light and sound so that only their mind is left as a tool of perception. The artist presents a situation and ritual to induce the subject to receive the art experience as that which happens inside the isolation tank. Through the confines of the installation, the viewer is removed from observing scale, material and therefor being absolved in the perceptual certainty of time and space.


Participants agree to enter the isolation tank nude or wearing a bathing suit, to be filmed/photographed at any point during their experience (except when enclosed in the tank) and interviewed afterwards. Please email Justin Tyler Tate at anatumsabode@gmail.com with your preferred date (28th or 29th), the duration you would like to spend in the tank (45min – 2hours) as well as your preferred starting time (scheduling will happen between the hours of 9am and 8pm).