ab in Anatum’s day 6 & 7

Before I start my description of the following researche I would like to add one more thing about cycling research: once you have a bike your body is not just improved but it also brings some complications.
This link to the one famous italian movie should explain what I mean.


This day I decided to use only buses (which seems quite logical after walking and cycling).

In terms of paying I decided to use capping. So instead of paying regular £1.50 for each bus I paid £4.40 for 10 buses which I took. Fair enough.

The best combination of words which describe exploration by buses might be „city as a backround for thoughts“.
It is much more comfortable than going by walk or by bike – you just sit inside of the machine. Then you don’t have to create any additional activity – you just sit and travel towards your chosen destination. No private zones and no unexpected obstacles. No wrong paths – and if any appears you might simply change to some other bus.

Once you’re sitting (not walking, not running – that is important!) in comfortable position there is a time for your thoughts, for you. When it is cold outside, temperature inside of the bus is better either. Of course you’re missing all the specific smells, all the discomfort – bad weather, crazy drivers and so on.
On the other hand you become part of some kind of a different closed intimate situation. I was observing calmly the city passing around as well as the behavior of people inside of the vehicle. What a wonderful feeling it was to smell some nuts/flowers and than realize that there were two girls sitting next to me… and they were producing that specific smell. What a situation! Inhaling someone’s parfume and sweat sitting just few centimeters from the person, but still being complete stranger. Of course that experience might be completely opposite – and actually in few situations it also was. For instance where there was a guy arguing via phone with his girlfriend (or?) and was acting very rude. There were just two of us inside so I shared someone’s private anger without chance of escaping (of course I had a possibility – to get off before the destination I was heading for which I obviously didn’t want to).

When speaking about method I used: Firstly I just went somewhere randomly, after few rides I realized that I might make a circle – to go „over the overground“. With that approach I succeeded more less (check my map!). After 9 hours and 10 buses I got back to my first destination – Limehouse bus station.
I also experimentated with using LSD before the ride but unfortunately the liquid already evaporated from the paper so the dose was very weak and I didn’t enjoy the city from much a different perspective. But for sure I would like to repeat using drugs when exploring the city – I still do believe in drugs, in psychedelics especially. I think it might be very helpful in many ways for a person. Could help with understanding/exploring of some space for instance – like a city space.
Anyway LSD experiment should be repeated but bus experiment worked very well! For quite a little money it is possible to see quite a lot, to get inspired by different atmospheres (which of course you feel just -literally-from behind a glass) which creates differents ideas.
I realized that to describe such a city as London is on the edge of impossibility. But also I found that maybe the goal shouldn’t be to analyze, to understand, to get a precise message but maybe to share different thoughts which city brings – in the same way as bus passenger who enjoys his city-movie is having it.

Tube_map-4 (1)

I share the same idea as God whom (respectively his fans) I’d like to qoute now: „
By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work.“
Following the God’s approach I went today through mime exercises in the morning, visited two galleries and with Sirus prepared and enjoyed exceptional device of Anatum’s – REAL SQUATT SAUNA.
Thank you God for showing me the way.