Anatum’s is inviting you to a multidisciplinary live showcase of 3 international artists

sound, performance and drawing acts in one evening at our Abodesunday, the 1st of february at 7 pm

sliding scale donation for our artists is encouraged
drawing performance along field recordings informed by the theme of transportationby AMIT, recent arrival from israelas an illustrator and sound artist taking over human skin and walls of da city

he is joining us to be expanding onto large scale paper suspended in space sharing his intuitive mono-coloured formulations in real timeADRIAN SCHULL aka ‘HELMUT’ from Berlin, in concert

expect live sound of signals working their way from guitar pick ups and mic through the loop of da pedal

combined with tribal poly rhythms

his harmonic use of voice-layering and a delicate touch of distortion and noise forms his contribution that night

PIOTR BOCKOWSKI, video/body performer who lived 2012-2014 around HongKong and had developed his haunted act ‘Phantom Limbs’ to which he takes refference at Anatums, inspired by its location
he is calling the ghosts of original London Chinatown & phantasms of Limehouse opium dens.the XXI century Chinese ritual of paper electronics burning will be simulated by trance-like performance & video projection on the body.At the end of the show the audience will be invited for a half a mile walk to a XIX century location of an opium den

donations at the door

phantom limbs