been collecting beautiful objects that seem to have an emblematic metaphorical reference.  A rough idea that will just have to test out near the resolution of the work in progress.  Great potential for items to be suspended from the rustic rafters and hooks on the ceiling, and little shrines throughout the room to generate more energy.

IMG_0505 IMG_0516

Cutting out and painting the small geometries that will adorn the negative spaces between larger pieces.  And crown any remaining portrayal Still desiring additional spirit to feel complete.


Found this cart in cable street that has proved very useful in keeping the necessary materials organized in these final stages when the emporium needs to remain fairly clear to maintain a coherent idea of what the final collection will look like.

IMG_0519            IMG_0475

Unfortunately had to take a several steps backward on a few pieces that were hastily started without proper priming and sanding.   The fact that some of these stages take 24hrs to cure,  and that certain things can only be done 1 day at a time means setbacks like these demand even more additional time than expected.


Planning to apply for an extension today,  in hope that we could be granted another week to do everything right and not leave feeling like i was on the verge of something fully realized but unable to follow through with it.


Conjuring placement




Came to some conclusions last night on where things will be hung In relation to each other.  And divided the different categories of imagery into 3 different sections…


So as the viewer travels from the first room, to the last in the emporium, there is a story that increasingly builds in complexity;  just as the images i have been painting in the last 3 months have gradually progressed into their current more realized state.


I only wish i had another week to work more on the smaller geometries and symbolic components that i believe would help provide more detail to the allegories presented.



This morning finished a rough blueprint of  building layout.  Made note of placement for paintings already made and those yet to be started.  This will definitely prove to be one of the most intensive 2 weeks of creation i have committed to in over a year.  Im feeling very fortunate and grateful to have been accepted for this residency.  It just wouldnt be possible to create this much work in an offsite space.  Being able to live, work, eat, and reflect on my ideas in the installation environment is the only way this show would be possible.



Pyramid Oracle




Last Sunday I heard back from the folks at Anatumn’s that our proposal had been read and accepted for the on sight visiting artist residency.

We will be using the space to develop a series of pantings and installations examining relationships between our future, present, and past belief, education, and consciousness systems in the natural and artificial worlds.

Culminating into weekend exhibition opening on friday the 27th of Feb and closing reception on Sunday the 29th.